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2014 XF S 3.0 diesel DPF problem


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Hi there,

I am new to the owners club, Hi guys!.


I recently purchased a Jaguar XF S 3.0l diesel with 6500 miles on the clock. I have had it nearly a month now and I have been getting the "DPF FULL" message in orange on the dash. I have read (on here) that the way to sort this out is to take it for a run, it works every time. In the space of a fortnight I have had the message twice.

I live in London so a lot of town driving and traffic. I only fill up with shell V power diesel too. Should I be concerned that I'm getting the message that frequently?. 

Also if it is a fault will it be covered by warranty?. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you



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Hi Marvin, and welcome to the club.

The DPF does need a full regeneration when the DPF Full warning comes up. You need to take the car for roughly 30 minutes at over 45mph after the car has reached normal operating temperature.  I recently saw an additive that says that it is a DPF cleaner. I think it was a Wynns Product.

I  live at the edge of the Birmingham conurbation and only do about 6500 miles a year, but being retired, I take the opportunity of a nice day to go and visit somewhere  --  National Trust Property etc. I have never had the warning light come on.

I did see an article in a Daily Newspaper a couple of years ago about an old gentleman who was refused by  a Jaguar Main dealer refused to have his XF Diesel picked up and brought to them as he had been in to them so often and had disregarded there advice about how to regenerate his DPF.

That basically is the answer, and having the DPF removed is an automatic MOT fail.

I would guess that Jaguar would not cover this under warranty as there is a two page reference in the Owners Manual on what to do when the amber warning light comes on.

I hope this is of assistance.



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Hi Peter,

I hope you are well and also enjoying    retirement.

Thank you for your help. I was just a bit concerned but I am now happy that you have cleared this up for me. I will also look in to the DPF cleaning additives. I just want to insure I do all that I can to keep the engine in good working order.

Thanks again Peter.

Kind Regards


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