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Bluetooth - The easy way


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Hi Paul

Looking at the units on sale I see one seller says his is being sold with a connection code ? No one else mentions one.  Can you confirm whether or not a connection code is required with the module 7W93-10D893-AB plse ?

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No idea what he's on about. If it's an online seller perhaps you'd send the link so I can have  look.

This one seems OK and I've bought from this seller before without any problem 🙂


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Hi thanks for your advice I will look at  the one you have linked, I did see it earlier. The link below shows the one that mentions a code. Maybe he made a mistake from making the advert from earlier sales ?




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Ok thanks for your input. I have avoided that one.

Many thanks for your help.

I shall just wait for the parts and see what I can achieve with them......🙂

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I have just bought a 2003 S-Type R and have been reading about the phone / bluetooth option. Called the Jag Dealership and asked about the C2N 3689 module to put into my car; they said they couldn't find the part number. Does anyone know if my car "has" a place for it and will it work? The Vin is: SAJEA03V031M72242. I would like to "fix up" the inside electronics with whatever is available. It does have the 6-CD player in the trunk, but it seems a bit off - any suggestions?

Appreciate any advice.

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to EJG, Hi,

If yours is an import from Japan the following will be relevant and of some help in understanding , if not you can ignore it. 🙂

My S-type is imported from Japan and I can tell you you that the wiring in the boot is not standard, it has wiring for CD changer and Sat Nav(which are functioning)  but not normal Voice unit or  Phone/blue tooth wiring in the harness. I am trying to devise my own bit of wiring to enable such devices to be fitted.



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