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Newbie looking for info


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Hi guys,

am interested in a 2009 or newer PL or Portfolio 3.0D S, have looked on autotrader so i know theyre in my ballpark with fair/moderate mileage.  
What i really want to know is what are the common issues - i know modern diesels can suffer from DPF issues, how big of an issue is it on the 3.0D & is there anything else you chaps think i should be aware of?
Many thanks


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Welcome to the club, Andy.

You are doing the correct style of homework.

Really, the modern diesels are rather good engines, and the 3.0 litre XF is no exception.  The V6 Gemini 3.0 litre  Diesel on the XF is an uprated version of the 2.7 Diesel which is on my S Type, so my experiences are those of an owner and driver.

The DPF filters soot and so can get a bit mucky inside, and needs periodic regeneration.  I only do a relatively small mileage - under 7000 miles - with mostly short journeys.  However, I have not had a single problem with the DPF, as I make sure that I have a longish run about once a month -- at least 30 minutes at no less than about 45 mph after the engine has got to normal operating temperature, which does the job.  I also think Wynns have an additive "DPF Cleaner".  So nothing to worry about in that respect.

Other issues can be the EGR valves - one at either side of the V6 engine - they can get sticky - it can be cured by a good blast occasionally, but failing that, Wynns have an EGR cleaner which also works.

The other small issue that I have had is the electronic park brake which sticks on now and then. To fix it, just disconnect the battery and reconnect after a few minutes.You need the radio code, and there is a good write up on the Forum on that topic.

Other owners might give you a bit of their experiences, but mine have been great!




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