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Hello! New owner here. Voice control query inside!


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Hello all, I'm Jim. I've recently purchased an S-Type R and I'm just starting to explore the car and learn more about it. First stop, as per every other model I've owned in the past... joining an online forum! Always an invaluable source of collective knowledge :)

So, my first query... I've been through the training procedure for the voice control, most commands now work just fine. However, for a couple of them where the system asks me to say 'yes' or 'no' to confirm the command, eg. navigation select route 'home', it will not recognise me saying either, it assumes I'm saying nothing and cancels. So, what gives? Has anyone else had this issue?

Thank you!

EDIT: I've searched and answered my own question already! I didn't know I had to push the voice button again if the system asks for a reply from me. 

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Hi Jim, and welcome to the club.

The club is a great source of information with a lot of experience across the board.

The S type is a great car and a real head turner.

I must admit that I know nothing about Jaguar Voice, though.  I am still in awe of having an engine which knows what goes wrong with it, and an electrical system that can even tell me which bulb has failed.



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Thanks guys. I thought it might struggle with my accent but it's fine. A useful feature.

Next is to figure out how and why the heated screen isn't working and whether or not it is repairable. So far, computer says no :( There's no sign of it working in the driver's side at all, and only a few working lines on the passenger side. I've read that the ribbon can be replaced, but more often than not it's a new screen to fix it, which itself is no guarantee of a forever fix.

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Fuses are ok, so I assume a faulty connector somewhere, presumably where the screen meets the loom. May not be repairable. It's a shame as it was difficult to test when I viewed the car but the seller assured me it was working. Ho hum.

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