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Driver side window not opening fully

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I've never found the in-built satnav very reliable so on a recent journey I used a portable one attached to the driver side window. Stupidly I fully pressed the button to open the window which retracted until the satnav sucker jammed it. I quickly ripped of the satnav sucker off and the window then retracted the rest of the way. When I closed the window it did so normally all the way but now when I try to open the window it will only drop about 60mm.

Apart from momentarily being jammed the window seemed to operate normally during that initial incident without any sound of any mechanical damage being done. I've seen online postings that sometimes the window limits have to be reset but these seem to refer to cases where the battery has been disconnected.

Any help in solving the problem would be appreciated.

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Hi Chris - welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club.

Firstly, silly question, did you recover all of the rubber sucker?

If the overload current has been exceeded, the system will not be calibrated properly so, it would be worth resetting the window limits. Press the button to close the window fully. Press again in the upwards direction and hold for a couple of seconds. You might hear a click but not always.

Then try the window down and then up.

If that fails, I would be considering removing the trim panel for a proper look-see

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