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1996 XK8 turns over but won't start.


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Hi All,

I'm asking for help yet again!

my 1996 XK8 has had issues with the ecu but used to start OK.

I had the ecu repaired by a reputable company who replaced capacitors and repaired some of the board.

After refitting the engine wouldn't start. The engine turns over but doesn't fire up.

The ecu company said that they would have another look at it for me but I feel that it is probably something else. The immobiliser seems to be working OK ie the light goes out when I unlock the car.

Anyone got a miracle cure for me?



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Only way is to plug in and see if there any fault codes

if the ecu was powered up, with no sensors connected there could be errors and fault codes

the ecu might even need pairing back to the car, depending on whats been replaced

do you have the touch screen option fitted as on my s-type you can bring engine fault codes up on that



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Hi Joe,

Many thanks for your input.

Afraid it's too old for a touch screen.

I hooked up an OBD11 but could not register any faults.

One thing I forgot to mention, the first time I hooked up the OBD and tried to read the faults, the engine started.

I drove about 10 miles, stopped and started twice, no problem. I thought I had solved the problem. Parked the car up and when I went back to it the next day it wouldn't start and hasn't done so since.

I'm hoping it's not the dreaded intermitant wiring fault.


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