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drivers door module


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Has anyone replaced a drivers door module on a S type. According to the workshop manual its necessary to upload the old module configuration info into the new one via a jaguar diagnostics system tool otherwise the key won't sync. is there a way around this or is this one of those frustrating expensive jobs that needs to be carried out by a Jaguar specialists.


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Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club Bob.

If you can get a door module from a donor car, then you will need to either get the key fobs that went with the original car into which you place your transponders and the metal keys themselves or, as you surmise, use the diagnostics to delete the original fobs and link your own. The procedure is simple enough if you have access to the diagnositc software, or are close to a member who might be prepared to do the job for you.

Whereabouts are you?

Else, be prepared to pay for 30 minutes of dealer or indy time

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