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Newby here for first time and have a couple of questions.

I recently bought a 2013 XF Sport Sportbrake 2.2d and have noticed a couple of issues with it. One is that there is quite a noticable vibration through out the car at about 50-55 mph and the second one is a distinct throttle lag when you have been at same speed for a while when i put my foot down there is a lag in throttle response then all of a sudden bang its there. 

Any one had these problems and have any ideas.

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Hi Brian

The vibration could be tyres need balancing, get the front and rears balanced, the rears sometimes get overlooked and can cause the vibration through the car

as for the lag, not sure about the diesels, its not just the transmission in a high criuse gear, has it a sport button and does it do it on kickdown



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