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After 40 years of driving I finally got my first Jag, S type 2003.  3.0 Petrol V6   Taken it for some long drives and it's lovely, probably the nicest car I have ever owned...

I was expecting to spend a lot more so now I have money to spend improving the discs and pads to start with, plus a terraclean...

can anyone think of other performance improving ideas is k&n filter and remapping that are worth doing.


Gatwick area

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Welcome to the club, Les.

My s type is my second Jaguar.  When I bought my first, the salesman told me that I would never drive another make of car.  I was unsure of that, not because of the Jaguar, but because I was 76 at the time.

However, he was quite right, and when my X Type 2.5AWD was stolen, I didn't even think of another take of car.

The S type is a very good car, and the 3.0 litre V6 is a great engine, and personally, I would not bother with trying to improve it's performance.  Just treat it well, use  premium fuel, and make sure it is serviced properly.

I have the 2.7 Diesel  SE which is no slowcoach, which I also gave a Terraclean and while it has fierce acceleration, also gives me over 40 mpg and more on long runs.

I hope you enjoy the club and your Jaguar.



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