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Auto Gearbox clunk 2003 3L

Tim Jag

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Hi chaps,

So, I moved my car a couple of days ago to find she has a little leak of oil under her, there is no sign this is coming from the engine and the levels are fine, also i have checked a few other things too, When i drive her she sometimes jerks a little when changing gear.... dun dun duuuuu so i believe this little oil leak may be the auto gearbox oil (which if i understand correctly is sealed but has a top up valve somewhere?) 

please could someone give me some advice on how to top it up or at least recommend a particular fluid to use, in the meantime i will get out the 'driveway degreaser' 


thank you in advance

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Hi Tim

hope its not to bad

try this link to 'JAG TV'  they have several useful videos, its an S type 'R' but I presume the box would be similar / same




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Thank you Steve,


This was unbelievable helpful, all the other youtube videos i watched involved someone cutting something which scared me quite a bit!

all i need now is a hydraulic lift.... maybe i should just take her in to the garage :yes:

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So good news, i had this fixed, sadly i could not do it myself as i am now away working and also do not have a hydraulic lift to get the car to a suitable height... I was charged around 500 quid in total by the jag specialist to have a new pan fitted and all that transmission fluid that is required, its like driving a cloud again and no leak to mess up the drive :yes: great service from the garage too, they only had it for a few days and even sent me video updates, picked it up and dropped it off, they pointed out  couple of other issues i have but didn't try to force me to have them done which is a refreshing change, i will fix them when i get back

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the drivers door doesn't unlock the car from the inside sometimes... pressing the central locking button or the key fob works though, apparently this is just a cable issue inside the door, I'm thinking a easy fix.... or a long, swearing job trying too get the panels off the door haha

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