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NOT! good news...


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Hi Chaps

Further to my post 'Double Whammy' I now know why the coolant level was low 

have a look at the pic taken 20 - 30 secs after managing to get to the hard shoulder of the M20, forgive finger in the pics, I was more concerned about getting rear-ended by 40 foot arctics!





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Hi Joe

the hose from the top of the header tank connects to another piece under the air intake pipe work, I think it's called a 'T' connector? It had sheared off! I believe I got her to the hard shoulder before the temperature gauge hit red, I drive in a 'business ' like manner so getting her to a halt as quick as I could took a good few seconds. The temp gauge was sitting in the middle, when I first noticed the red warning light and coolant low message, it climbed quite dramatically I've got to say.

Anyway literally just moments ago, she is now on her way to Halfords, the tow truck bloke asked me to drive her to his flat bed, so moment of truth, :w00t: she fired up first time and I drove her up onto the back of his truck, so hopefully she might be okay, I won't find out until early next week 

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Just an update Chaps

Picked her up yesterday, and after a bit of faffing around town, she got a stint on the motorway, temp gauge slap bang in the middle as normal, no warning lights on dash, drove absolutely fine  :yes: it looks like I got her to the hard shoulder before any damage was done

I have my Little Girlie back! :yahoo: :driving:

I had an Oil and filter change while she was there for peace of mind. £103.00 all in! (I have an add on with my AA cover that gets certain parts covered up to the value of £500.00 contribution, the part that failed thankfully was covered)


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Hi All

Okay so here's an update on the update

Drove her back home Sunday (motorway M2) and up popped the red Low Coolant level warning again! Temp Gauge fine, smack in the middle

pulled over to the hard shoulder (at this rate, I'll know the hard shoulder better than the Roads) looked underneath no sign of steam or drips, popped the bonnet, no steam, the coolant was a little low in the header tank, and the slightest seepage from around the filler cap.

the seepage could be from the Halford guys filling her up, I will give it a good clean when I top up the water. couple of questions if you don't mind, could the level have dropped, as the coolant has now found its correct level, and settled in? also the dash warning seemed to be intermittent, not just up / down hill but on the flat as well, anyone have any ideas on this?

Anyway I drove her home, without any drama, and the temp gauge stayed where it should

Thanks Guys for any advice



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