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hi ,thought i would say hello before picking your brains,looking to buy a jag ,x or s type not sure which yet, will be s type 2.7 diesel or x type 2.2 diesel,will be looking for a low miles 

accident damaged car,i know a lot of people would think i was mad but most of the cars i have owned have been a write off i am handy with the spanners so why not,after reading jag reviews

i think they would be a good choice ,i have owned a couple of mondeo,s and as the x type has the same engine,s which i know have there fault but so does everything at some point,

would be a good choice ,

                                         cheers for now ,ernie. 

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Hi Ernest, and welcome to the club.

Both the x type and the s type are great cars, and as you are handy with the spanners you should not have ny problems if the car has met mechanical  issues.

The X type has a very large boot, so if it is to carry a lot of stuff etc that could be your choice.  While the s type has a smaller boot - surprisingly - it is roomier car the 2.7 diesel is a great engine and very quick, especially for acceleration.

Let us know how your search goes.



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