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Car Problem

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Hi Mick,  and welcome to the club.

Does the car behave normally  most of the time?  And do the brakes work properly?  If so, I would check the battery because sometimes the battery on an s type will do peculiar things if it is not fully charged.  An OBD2 code reader would help diagnose the issue

I would also check the DSC switch if it is switching on and off OK.   It could be a sensor that is a bit iffy also.

There will be other members who could also assist.



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I had this problem a few weeks ago, the fault was under normal acceleration DSC fault came up with restricted performance, if I accelerated very gently there was no problem. The fault disappeared after a few days, maybe down to a number of ignition on/off cycles? I had it checked by my local garage and the only fault they found was a miscommunication between the traction control and the abs (not sure they were the two units involved), the fault was cleared and the car is fine now. It was also suggested at the time (on this forum ) that it could also be a wheel sensor causing the problem.

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