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S Type R Sat NAV. No country problem


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Hi all, I brought my first Jag Today, an S Type R. I love it to bits. Its a 2005 model. Im struggling with the sat nav, if any one can shed any light on it for me. The map shows where i am and seems to track my location, however it wont let me enter a destination to travel too. On the main SAT NAV screen there is not an option to allow me to select a country. The box is there but with no map allowing me to select anything. Now I kn0w the DVD is a 2008 edition, so I know its out of date, and i was planning on buying the latest disc if i can get it working but i dont want to pay out for a new disc if something else is behind the problem. Does any one have any idea how to fix this? and where i can get the new maps from at a decent price, or download the files and burn my own disc if this is an option.


Many thanks in advance!!!

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Hi Marc,

Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club :yes:

Please try this, if you haven't yet:-

Put the ignition on and eject the NAV DVD.

Switch the ignition off and wait for a few minutes. Switch on and confirm "No disk" error.

Re-insert DVD. Switch off the ignition, wait a few minutes and switch on again, allowing the Nav system to fully synch.

That may have cleared the fault.

If not, is the disk a genuine one? Some of the copies available on the likes of Fleabay are not very well done and throw up just this kind of fault.

Some of the copied disks also default to Belgium during initial re-boot so you'll need to select UK as your location if this is the case.

If still no further forward, borrow a known genuine disk from elsewhere and carry out the steps outlined above again.

If you can't borrow a disk locally, let me know and I'll lend you one.

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Hi Paul. Thanks for the advice. I gave it all ago this morning, and the problem remains. Still no option to choose a country or no countries displayed in the mini map. The disc is the 2005 one so i know its well out of date. I dont know any one i could borrow a disc from. So if your offer of me borrowing one still stands i would really appreciate it. I promise to return it once i have tried it.

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It won't be of much use to you as it is a 2004 version. The system does need the disk in situ to work so you'll have to get one if using mine proves that it was your disk at fault.

It's amazing what you can pick up on fleabay for £20 these days :whistling1:

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Hi Paul, The disc arrived today, ive just put it in my car and it worked.The map became visible. Everything seemed to work ok. So i came to the conclusion my disc must be faulty. so I took yours out and re inserted mine and hey presto now mine works. Its the next version from yours i think. So it looked like my system just needed a kick up the backside. Thanks for all your help mate. Message me your address and I will return your Disc.


Many Thanks again.

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could i be cheeky and ask another favour?

my car has got to go back to the trader i brought it off this weekend to have a coolant leak fixed, and a problem with the climate control, I have a feeling the battery will be disconnected for the work to be carried out. Is it possible i could hang on to the disc until i get the car back, just in case the disconnection of the battery results in the sat nav chucking a wobbly again. I would return it as soon as i get the car back. I totally understand if you want the disc back straight away and that wont be a problem, but i would be greatfull if i could hang on to it just a few more days, just until i get my car back. I await your reply.

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No problem Marc.

I don't use the disk. It is just part of my document portfolio for the car as it was the original disk. I use the 2012 version at the moment.

Let me have it back when convenient.

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