My first X type

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Hello everyone,

My name is Steve and this is my first Jaguar X type. It's a basic spec 2.1 manual from 2002 with 73000 miles and comes after three XJ40s over several years. XJ40s for me have come to the end as rust, expensive parts and truly shocking MPG have spoiled the fun.

My X type seems in good order apart from the following bits - drivers door card loose due to broken clip mounting points, slightly bent drivers handle mech which I've bent back to allow the door to be opened. A "clunk" from the front offside occasionally but always when changing from forward to reverse and vice versa. Oh, and the spare wheel well's a bit rusty. No advisories on the last MOT and full Jaguar service history. Still getting used to it, and found that it feels wider than an XJ40 - strange. The air con works but "gives up" on hot days and I'm learning that it is quite sporty and "chuckable" on an open road.

Now - what should I look out for? If this were an XJ40 I'd say noisy, leaking diffs, expensive mineral oil leaks in the braking system and worn bushes, and manifold leaks.

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Welcome to the Club, Steve.

The X type is a nice car,  -  I had a 2.5AWD - which gave me a reasonable mpg of between 27 in the city and 35 on long runs.

You probably need your aircon regassing, which is quite cheap at the moment.



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