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location of 5 turbo hoses on 2004 x-type 2.0 diesel


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I have owned a number of Jags. before (XJ81 6.0 V12, XJ8 3.2 V8, XK8 convertible 4.0 V8) and have just purchased my first X-type (2004 2.0 diesel estate)

The car gave out a small amount of black smoke when accelerating hard on the test drive, and the dealer claimed that the EGR valve needed cleaning (with Wynns).

On the drive from the dealer (Birmingham) to home (Winchester), the car averaged 56 mpg (at a steady 60 mph), but there was a thick black fog behind me every time I climbed up a hill.

After reading up on this forum, I purchased a full set (of 5) silicon turbo hoses from DPH on eBay.

I have just removed the EGR valve and cleaned it thoroughly (it didn't have a lot of sooty deposits in it), and replaced the hose from the EGR valve to the intercooler (this had a 4cm long split in it at the upper end, so hopefully was the cause of the black smoke).

My question is .... where are the other 4 hoses located ??  I can't find them, and they don't seem to be mentioned in the Haynes manual either !!


dph turbo hoses.JPG

dph and split hose.jpg

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I'm not going to be of a great deal of help here, but I had the exact same kit fitted to mine last summer. The mechanic who fitted them for me said that the upper-middle hoses in your pic wouldn't fit, but he managed to get the other ones on.

I believe one of them fits on the opposite side of the EGR connected to the passenger side of the intercooler.

If I get a chance tomorrow I'll try and take some pics.



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