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  1. well here is the old fuel filter taken to bits ? as you can see the old filter did need a change ! I average around 3500 miles a year. the last time when this was changed , in 2015.... not bad for 4yrs old,... but I must try to remember to change this next one in 2021, as I recently posted in april,
  2. after a few jag meets at motor museum in gaydon, I noticed that some cars had the wiper washers on the wiper blade arm, where as mine are on the bonnet. as seen in picture. but if you look at the wiper arm ,I have fitted the new nozzle to the wiper arm with the pipe running underneath.
  3. fitted these to my wiper arms …. great upgrade.
  4. well done to you ken....nice to see that you've got and sorted it out, 👍
  5. if the pipes blown off, it my be the clip is rusted or pipe spit ! just take all cover trays off... to gain access to get a better look at the problem, I done mine on my x type which was just a new jubilee clip needed. good luck if you do this yourself …. dave
  6. hi Daniel, my insurance is due on my 2004 x type at the end of this month, best quote so far is with hastings direct, fully comp for a year $170 pounds. so can you beat that ??
  7. andy….in the xtype forum someone had the same problem, and said that they had a new reverse switch fitted and it cured/fixed the issue.
  8. ian I take it you have a manual box, if you have to lift the lever up to gain reverse it may be the rods have come off, or the reverse cable has has broken, to gain access remove trim from around leather gaiter and see if you can see any problems in this area, if not sure look on youtube for a video so you know what to look for. good luck dave.
  9. today ive given the 2.0d x type a new air filter & fuel filter, must say it taken some time when it came to the fuel filter I had to fill the new fuel filter with diesel !...... this helps prime the diesel through the system as air gets in the system soon as you disconnect the pipes from the old fuel filter. if you do not fill the new filter with diesel it will just turn over and not start as there is to much air in the system. next on the list is an oil change!!!!
  10. gary, find a good auto election who will be able to trace what the problem is...
  11. yes frank that's great to know as I keep a check on mine being on a 2004 plate, but I think one day they will need to be done and as you say both sides. as for the cost that's good, plus its keeping the jag on the road. 👍
  12. hi roz……the issue with water being in the passenger foot well can be down to ether water running down the windscreen and then under the black scuttle where the wipers are, then leaking in through the air pollen filter, the other issue could be that the rain channels that are each side of the wings may be blocked again causing water to through the pollen filter. to check this you need to take off the black scuttle, in this picture you can see the hole to where the water would run down and into the passenger footwell. the pollen filter fits into this black box, which then you can not see the hole. ( to be honest its a bit of a design fault) when I get time I shall rectify this when I get to fit a new pollen filter. as for your sills they need new sills welding in....this is a problem for the s type too. can be costly ! hope this has helped you...dave.
  13. MOT....great to hear that the jag passed, plus a nice treat for the old girl too. 👍
  14. when I changed my battery on a 2004 2.0d ….. I closed the circuit by holding down the" alarm bonnet switch" with a piece of wood and a clamp. with the new battery fitted, so far with mine all is ok, something to try ?
  15. so pleased of this picture as my little 2.0d x type, made it in a shot at the first breakfast meet at the motor museum at gaydon.
  16. well done..... nothing worse when you have electrical gremlins, lets hope it all stays fine and all works well. 👍
  17. hi steve, I went Saturday, and it was a good turn out, a gentleman turned up in a C TYPE open sports replica. next meet is first Saturday in February.
  18. if this was the problem with my car I would start at ( cigar lighter) testing it for power, with a multimeter. if no power I would then start to trace it back right through the whole electric system using the multimeter, bad earths, continuity tests, current measuring too. until it flagged up with a problem, this is a long process but if done correctly you find the problem. then working my way all through the list of your problems, but a good auto electrician will also help out if you are not capable of carrying out this process. good luck with this issue.....dave.
  19. I took my EGR valve off and cleaned it, but this has now been some years ago ! I did check if the plunger inside worked when under vacuum, lucky for me ive only had a few little issues which I have managed to fix myself. the last time I had bad smoke and lack of power was my boost pipe had blew off from the intercooler due to a jubilee clip had rusted,
  20. this seems as it may be your turbo actuator, if you have a square looking box on top of the turbo? get some to rev the car and check to make sure the arm moves from this box to the turbo itself. as this is a problem when the glow plug light flashs. plus limp mode too. some where in the XTYPE FORUM you should find posts regarding on this. all the best ...dave
  21. peter...well done you ! great to see that you don't mind having a go fixing things, plus it saves loads of money in the long run too, I also have the same code reader, great little machine. enjoy your rewards when driving now that you've done the fix.
  22. you say that you've just taken delivery of the XF …. so have you got any warranty with this vehicle ? or was it brought private ? makes me wonder that's all ? !
  23. lets hope that it works, and ever thing is straight forward for you, keep us all posted on how it goes..... good luck …. dave.
  24. peter.. the address. auto reserve, unit 6, belfield street, ilkeston. phone 0115 837 2707 when you call them they will see if they have the parts and will let you know. good luck … dave.
  25. if you have internet, type in jaguar breakers in your area and ask them if they have one, but remember to give them as much info so they can see if they have the correct part . I live in Leicestershire but travel up to a jaguar breaker up in Derbyshire, which has been a great help, also they can give you advice too as they do break the cars down.