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S type smoke on acceleration.


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Morning gents,

Have noticed over the last few days that when I accelerate hard or even firmly there is smoke from the exhaust. I've never had this issue before and , whilst it's not too bad, it's irritating. It smokes in puffs....like an old steam train then settles when gentle acceleration is used. It does not smoke at all on idle ...there are no warning lights...and other than a slight lack of acceleration ( which may be me worried to put my foot down) all is well.

wasnt sure if it may be valve Oil stem seals starting to let excess Oil through but it's always better to ask before it becomes an issue.

would really appreciate some pointers gents as an idea of how to proceed.

Thanks in anticipation


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My 55 plate 2.7 lt diesel smokes a fair bit on heavy acceleration.  Relatively low mileage (63K when I got it 6 months ago) so maybe that's half the problem.  Never had good, long trips out to clear the tubes for the first 10 years of its life! :-)  

I notice it most at night when someone is following.  Accelerate hard and you can see the clouds of smoke in the rear view, illuminated by their lights.  But then, I've had diesel's for many years now and of many sorts and they all smoke like that.  As I understand it, you only need to really worry when it's clouds of white smoke as that is an indication of turbo failure.

If yours is a 2004 vintage then it'll have the down turned exhausts like mine, i.e. it's pre carbon scrubber tech or whatever it was they did to the later models.  

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D P F on 05 on,  short trips are a no no!!


i have it on mine but generally do 17mile minimum trips. 


Egr cleaner should sort smoke out, about a tenner a tin I think.


i have the luxury of two new(dealer) fitted turbots about 3months before I bought mine:yahoo:

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Hi adam,

funny you should mention night driving..that's when I first spotted mine!

egr is the first port of call...can't do any harm to give it a clean. I have noticed she's running rich so will look t that as well.

Dont mind a little smoke on the old girl but it never hurts to ask and learn to save any small issues becoming big ones.



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