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2009 2.0d - bad spring, bad clutch, good Terraclean


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Well I've been driving my 2009 X Type since September and I have enjoyed most of it, but a little surprised by a broken coil spring and worn clutch.

When I got the car it had a full Jag service history and only 27,000 miles. It's now on 39,000 and running better than ever but I was surprised when the clutch failed at 32,000, shortly followed by a rear coil spring. The last owner didn't do many trips and they didn't go far or push the car when they did, which isn't the best thing for a diesel (I don't mean drive hard, I just mean let her rev a little and enjoy a steady motorway cruise every now and then!). However, I can only assume they rode the clutch because surely a modern clutch (and let's face it, a clutch in a premium brand car) should last way more than 32,000? Or does the X Type have a weakness? My Juke did 60,000 in 3 years (mostly commuting to / from London in rush hour) and never skipped a beat - brakes, clutch, exhaust etc were never replaced.

The coil spring was a shock. It had rusted through at the top and snapped in 2. It was very hard to see because the snapped part was only just peeking out from the cover - guess my Halfords does things properly! The fitter said it was rare, so has anyone else had this problem? Surprised how think the springs were too - original Jaguar parts but not as thick as I remember springs being a few years ago!  

The good news is I treated her to a Terraclean. As I say, still low miles but given the short, infrequent drives she had before and the all weather, all roads rush hour fun she has now, I thought I'd give it a go. I'd done an EGR clean but she ran a little smoky and there was quite a lot of vibration at idle. She now pulls away smoothly, there's less smoke and there's far less vibration. To top it all, she's doing 3/4 mpg more! I can recommend it, especially as Terraclean agents always run some diagnostics first to make sure the turbo and injectors are working OK. I was told the 2.0 diesel is good but the EGR, turbo and injectors give garages lots of business! 

Happy motoring and have a good summer :-)

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