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rattling heat shield thing


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Over the past month or so i have noticed a rattle almost harmonising vibrating from what I presume is the heat/noise shielding under the car, it seems to be coming from the silver tin stuff that covers the entire floor of the car, and only happens when coasting in gear. Does anyone have/had this problem? how did you solve it? Or can I just remove the whole lot of it all over the underside? its a shame the car runs and drives perfectly and this is my only niggle with it. Thanks in advance

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They usually rot where the fixing bolts poke through. 


If if its that then try unscrew the nut then use a piece from a coke* can with a hole drilled in it to bridge the gap. 

You don't really want to junk it as its there for a reason. 






*other drinks cans are available. 

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