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Diesel info for a Noob

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Hi All,


Well I find myself in the Noob Room after being pointed to this forum. I am a previous S-Type owner but no Jags at present. I'm based in NZ having moved from Australia earlier in the year.

Used Jag prices here are much better than those in Australia. So naturally I'm going through the local web sales here and tagging good value Jags.

I particularly like the old shape XJ Jags from the 2007 age group. I am seriously considering a diesel 2.7D, but they are very rare over here.

I know nothing about diesel engines apart from lots of grunt and good fuel economy.  :smile:

I have managed to find one Jag, which, spec wise, is perfect (as good as you can get here anyway).

One thing of concern to me is that it has done 160,000 kms. I have never bought a used car with anything over the 100,000 k mark.

Can someone either please point me to previous posts about the diesel model of this vehicle or enlighten me as to the reliability typically found with the 2.7D and things that I should be aware of for a car of this age and particular  foibles.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Rod, and welcome to the Club.

You can have a read of posts on the S Type Forum which should be of use.

I have had a 2007 S type 2.7D. for the last three years.  During that time I have driven just over 20,000 miles, and other that the minor issues common to all diesel engines, I have only had one problem that need a replacement part, and that was a new water pump the week before last.

The Diesel engine in the 2.7D Jaguar was designed by Ford and Peugeot as a joint venture is a fine solid engine. The minor issues common to all diesels is that the EGR valves can stick occasionally which is an easy cure  ---  either a good blast on a fast road or a can of Wynn's [or other makes] of EGR cleaner , and the other is the Diesel Particulate Filter which need to be regenerated if you do a lot of small runs.  This can be done, again quite easily, by giving it a run at over 40mph once a month for about 20 minutes after operating temperature is reached.

The other issue that can occur is the sills underneath the plastic covers can rust, so that is worth checking.

The cam belts need changing at 105,000 miles or 10 years, so you will need to check thatchy have been done.

My car has only done 68,000 so I hope a member with a similar car but with a higher mileage will share experience with you.

Good luck,




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