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Retro Fit cruise control


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I'm wanting to retrofit cruise control from a broken 2000 s type to a 2001 I have already fitted the switches into the steering wheel and tried to fit the deactivation switch behind the brake pedal to find its there what else do I need to get this to work both cars are 3.0 v6 autos the only difference is one has cruise. I've never used a forum before and completely stuck with this problem.


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An update, I've fitted the steering wheel controls including radio ones (it was easier in one go as they are wired together) and made sure the break pedal cut off switch was there. I've discovered that the cruise is controlled by the PMU or ECU I did fit one from another car for it to go into safe mode and it wouldn't start but the cruise would turn on does anyone know where to go from here I would fit the new ECU but have been recommended not to but I'm not to sure about the source 

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PMU? What is that please?

I think you'll probably need the services of a dealer or indy with the appropriate diagnostics software / hardware or a friendly local forum member with the kit who knows what he's doing.

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Hi Babyface:

I hope you finally did the proper installation.

I have a 2001 Jaguar Stype V6 3.0 executive petrol engine.

The car doesn’t have Automatic Cruise control but I replaced the steering wheel for a new one, Jaguar original, having all switches for audio and speed control installed, during the process to replace the steering wheel I was happy because I found all wiring to be connected with Cruise Speed Control switches,  thinking that all preinstallation is already available in my car, so I did all conections and swich ligths are working properly but Cruise Speed control is no recognized and doesn’t work.

I don’t know If I need some more parts or if all elements are already installed in my car.

Perhaps you or some other can help me to identify if necessary parts are in my car or not.

I have been visiting some official Jaguar Garage in Spain but not solutions, some of them says it’s not possible, some others says it’s possible but they need a machine to perform configuration in my car but they don’t have this machine because car is very old, so I’m trying to do it by myself.

I’m living in Madrid (Spain) and here it’s easy to find places with old cars to recover spare parts, so If I know what I need and the place where its installed in the car will be easy for me to find all necessary parts.

If you can send information pictures are welcome.

Thanks in advance and sorry for this long history

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