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s type towbar wiring????


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Hi guys

just fitted a towbar to my 2002 3.0 S-type  am about to start on the wiring,  I have the recommended relay box that you have to wire In  and out of.

does anyone know what colour wires do what in the rear light plug?, as am trying to use a test light and every wire is live 

thanks guys


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Hello Tony,

Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club :yes:

The rear lights on the S-Type are switched return (negative) which makes then a real pain in the rear to wire.

The reason you see live on every terminal is because of the above, ie. the return liine is where the circuit will be switched therefore, the bulbs are all supplied from the positive side simultaneously.. But there is a dead simple way round it :yes:

The way I did it was to track the bus bars in the light cluster assembly. For example, switch on the side lights, see which bulb lights up and trace the bus-bar from the bulb contact back to the wiring connector. You can then see which wire is involved.

If I haven't explained clearly, by all means ask further questions.


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Hi, I have a 1999 s type 3 ltr and wanting to fit a towbar, I have noticed that there is a multi socket in the boot on the end of a wire would this be for tow bar wiring connection, if not what is it for



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