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Air conditioning not cooling


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the only help i can offer is start the car and set the air con to its coldest setting, then turn on the air con and you should here the compressor engage the clutch which makes audible click, then feel the inlet and outlet pipes at the compressor. one side should be cold and the other hot. if theres no difference in the pipes then its your compressor! 

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On 21/07/2016 at 8:26 PM, Grandad said:

Hi all, I am a new member on the site. I have an issue with my air con. I have had it re gassed but it still doesn't  work. Any ideas as to what the issue might be.

Hi, Bit late as I have only just joined the forumn.  However, that was what mine was like (except I didnt get around to re-gassing) and my unit sized and failed. This also broke the belt. If your belt is slipping of the clutch on the system is not working, (yet another part). then this could be why. I had a local garage replace mine with pattern parts for £700 all in. My Jaguar dealer wanted £1500 and that was a reconditioned unit!  Hope you sorted it out.

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