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Hi All

Just wanted to introduce myself. We have 2 x350 v6 cars which we use to to do the odd weekend wedding.  

Both of our cars are  platinum silver sport models with black leather interiors.

we ve been Jaguar fans forever and following redundancy from the health service, decided to take the plunge. Both of the cars are very low mileage with detailed histories and so far, have proved easy to live with. Our only issue has been a smashed  xenon headlamp after a Lorry dropped some of its load on the M25.

we have a local mechanic friend who takes care of the cars and we can alwYs drop in with any concerns so we feel rather blessed in that respect. We have also been very surprised by the fuel economy of the cars. 

Anyway look forward to making contribution or seeking your support when the time comes






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Welcome to the club, Kevan

My Jaguar was the wedding car for my niece, so I feel that the Jaguar is ideal for weddings, and I hope your enterprise prosers.

My Wedding car was an Armstrong Siddely --  our wedding was almost 50 years ago, though!

There is a man round the corner who has 10 Jaguars, with two of them being Hearses   --  my last journey in a Jaguar will probably be one of his!




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