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New XF Sat Nav Directions

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I have recently changed my old XF and got a new 2016 XF, the Satellite navigation does look better than the old one but in one area it is suspect in its choice of routes, I was driving in Dorset and regardless of what setting I choose it seemed to take the most direct route even if that route was down a B road and then a farmers track just wide enough for my car. there doesn't seem to be any way to make it select better roads by ignoring inappropriate roads. You can ignore Motorways and Toll roads but that is all does anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome to the Club, Chris.

I think your system must be quite different to mine as I can get three choices of routes - and the shorter and quicker are included, the quicker being the one I usually choose.

We will be trying the Dorset roads in the Autumn and hopefully will avoid farm tracks!



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