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Greetings one & all, from a Newbie XF owner


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Hello, I've recently traded our old faithful 3.0 Petrol S-Type in for a 62 plate XF 2.2L Premium Luxury and am Loving it!

The Road Tax is half (at present), insurance is the same and the fuel economy is averaging 38 mpg rather than the 24mpg that the S-Type usually returned.

We've driven it for 3 months now and we've have just about got used to the higher noise levels inside and the not quite so "sofa like" seats! :)

The only snag we've encountered so far is a VERY intermittent reluctance to change up out of 2nd. If I pull over, go to Park and then back to Drive all is well for a couple of weeks, as this is a bit too random to take to a dealer, I thought that I would scour these pages to see if anyone else has reported this as an issue??

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Welcome to the cub, Stephen.

Was there any warranty with the car when you bought it?  If so, it might be worth ringing the dealer you got it from and see what he says.

It could also be worth checking the gearbox Oil.  Several members have found that changing the Oil at around 70k  has mad a difference to the gearbox performance.



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