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I have imported from Australia 1957 XK 150 which has stood for 17 years by the coast. I have separated the body from the chassis and the engine from the chassis. The body is rusty and pitted the chassis is sound, both now at Prostrip. I will get the engine re built by a specialist anyone had any recent experience having engine re built? any tips would be helpful.




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wow what a project!   what will your input be when doing the car yourself?  or is it one where its sent off to other companys to do the work for you. or will you replace the parts yourself when parts come back after restoration.  when doing it yourself you know ever nut and bolt, and what went where and how it fits, best of all is that when you look back at pics or vids is that sense of ive built that along with a driving experience that puts a great smile on your face.  best of luck with the build, please update with progress pics,

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Hi David Yes i agree doing a total nut and bolt restoration is very rewarding and as you say you get to know every part of the car. I am just finishing off my 1947 MG TC. On the XK the only bit I will subcontract out is the engine re build and the upholstery. I am thinking of starting a web page and showing all the parts and showing how I have put them together this info maybe be of use to others. Will keep you informed how I get on.

I am still hoping to hear from anyone who has had a engine re built recently to share there experience.

This is the back axel the corrosion  this is very bad 


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thanks terry for a reply back, yesterday we went to wellsbourne and on the way back (fosse way) we seen xk 120s & 150s looking good and sounds too. it was more around gaydon area where jaguar/landrover plant is!  anyway this pic` it may look rusty but the quality of metal it should be sound as a pound?(that is the castings).........  i buy  the practical classic car magazine and i love reading the storys of what made them do the resoration and why. along with many good tips too.   terry again many thanks and i wish you the best of luck on these projects and look forward to any of your updates when posted... dave.

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