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it possible to fit fog light on 2007 stype


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Hi Guys  , my s type never had 2 accessories one being folding in mirrors , which I purchased and have had fitted . the second one is it does not have fog lights

fitted .  I am thinking of fitting the DRL type or is it possible to fit oem fog lights.  

Question . is it a straight forward job , ie is the wiring all ready there behind the black blanking cover on the bottom of the front bumper , or do I require a wiring loom etc .

Has anyone fitted DRL 's if so could you point me in the right direction to the type I need   Cheers  Mally.


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Hi Mally,

All well with you?

Fog lights were not fitted on the 2007 SE although there is a member with a 2007 XS which does have them and there are some recent posts about them.

Being as they are on the XS I would give a strong guess that the other models will have the wiring.  You will have to take the bumper off to find out, though.



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Hi Peter yes I am fine here thanks,   sorry for the delay in responding I don't get on here much lately.

I hope that you are well and the Wife..  I will put it up on the ramps in the garage and get my mechanic to check that for me.   So there is no way of knowing if the wiring is there or fitting's without actually taking off the bumper .

Another question , the black cross headed plastic clips holding the radiator cover on where can I find them ???? . I need 4 if anybody has any spares obviously I will pay for them. I have added a pic of the ones I need .

My thermostat housing blew off a couple of weeks ago , and the culprit was the heater control valve , cost £240 for each part with fitting ,  both were replaced and were I broke down ,  I was there for 5 and a half hours !!!!! .

All thanks to the AA .  absolute disgrace they were MUPPETS.!!!  they wanted to tow an AUTOMATIC .  JOKE. then they realised after 2 different  muppets had looked at the car that it had to be piggy backed .Oh I could go on ! sorry .

Anyway the car is running Great , I have had loads and I mean loads of cars over the years and the first one to EVER let me down .. BUT  I still LOVE My Cat.


Kindest regards Peter






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