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david moore

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Before replacing my inner wheel liners at the rear of the x type,  I taken onboard the task of cleaning the subframe along with the whole components of the suspension that goes with it !    i can honestly say what a task it was?   from washing down the underneath first, Then different  wire brush attachments on my drill to remove as much rust as i possibly could, along with a hand wire brush to places the drill could not get at.  to be honest i could not believe how bad it was underneath to the lower arm, upper arm, part of the chassis, subframe, rear lower arm, anti-roll bar drop link, coil spring, tie-bar hub carrier arm,  but hey im under here lets do this!  two weeks later and here are my results.

coil spring.jpg

rear wheel arch .jpg

rear suspension .jpg

recondition rear components.jpg

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Well done it looks great, I would like to do the same but don't have a drive or garage to do the work and think i would have some complaints if i did the work on the road.What paint did you use and have you an idea how long the work had taken.



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the preparation i done was clean any debris (hand wash or jet wash) all underneath.  then remove rust as i first posted,  but then treat any rust with an anti rust treatment, then use a rust beater paint (hamerite) then black spray hamerite, then anti chip spary paint to finish off. 

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