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Camshaft Drive Belt


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I have a 2008 XJ Series with the Jaguar diesel engine. I do not know much about cambelts other than, a few years ago, I had one break on a petrol car (not a Jaguar) that I owned at the time and it was very expensive! Does my Jaguar diesel engine have a cambelt and, if so, when does it require changing - at what mileage or at what age? My car is now eight years old but has covered only about 40,000 miles. I thank any respondents in anticipation.  

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Hi Wil, and welcome to the club.

I am guessing that your car has the 2.7Diesel V6, which is the same engine at the Diesel S Type which I have.

If this is so, your car will have a cam belt which should be changed after either 105,000 miles, or 10 years.



PS.  I have just seen a list of fixed prices from Lancaster Jaguar Tamworth which list the cam belt change  price at £375 for your model.

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