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boost leak but where and how to get to it

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if its still running then it cant be a bad one

could be just a split hose, have a good feel round them for splits, usually the bottom edge, Oil in the hoses make them go soft there and pop

and you usually get a gushing sound when a hose splits on a turbo car, on boost, try not to get it to boost if your still using the car, as the cars turbo uses pressure in the inlet manifold usually to control boost and the waste gate and because if you have a split hose, you actually never get any pressure so the turbo will spin faster than normal to try to make boost and could destroy itself, turbo's spin from the 40000 to 100000 rpm usually and with a split hose these rpms can double and damage themselves

if you cant find it the old fashion way feeley feeley, then in the past ive used dampstart, let it idle and spray it around the hoses, when you get near the split hose, the dampstart will make the revs raise, this works on petrol and diesels cars



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well  like i said i fixed the boost leak but it still seems no boost but sometimes it does boost i noticed egr is blanked off tho i gave it a good clean i just dont understand what else it could be ive changed the fuel filter too anyone please shed some light on this p s no lights on dash 

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