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X Type 2.0D Slow acceleration


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Hi, I've got a 2006 2.0d X type and it seems to be really slow getting off the mark, this has happened all of a sudden. There is no black smoke and the engine management light has not come on, anybody have any ideas please? Thanks, Mart

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Hi Martin, 

My son had the same problem with his 2006 x type 2.0d,  and it gradually got worse till it had no real acceleration.  He thought it was the turbo failing, and I thought it was somewhat slightly different and cheaper.

Eventually he stopped googling and got my mechanic to look at it and it was found to be a split pipe ---  one of those going from the manifold to the turbo.

You could have the same problem.  Just start the engine and see if you can hear a whistle or feel a leak.

Let us know how you get on.



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