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Gearbox oil


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Depends on your Gearbox:

All Manuals: WSD-M2C200-C   (about £30 per litre!)

Automatic 5-speed: WSS-M2C9 22-A1

Automatic 6-speed: C2S-51628

This is taken from the Haynes X-Type Workshop manual for X-Type 2001-2011 Petrol & Diesel


As a side note, I have read that you shouldn't need to ever change the Oil, only needed to top up if youve had work done or had a leak. The Oil is meant to last a lifetime.

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when you say the Oil should last a lifetime

manufacturers only rate the lifetime of a car at 10 years,

so if its over 10 years old its done its job and due to be replaced

so depending on what gearbox you have, if your going to keep the car, it may be worth while changing Oil and filter

on the zf 6HP26 people have had different results some people have improvement in driving, some people see no change,  if it done by a dealer, software is checked and updated if software is old and also adaptations are reset, which basically resets the memory, so the gearbox learns how to change gear again and remembers your driving style

I changed my Oil, filter, pins and mecha sleeve on the 6HP26, on my s-type and it did make it smoother on mine



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