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BBS Split rim valve adaptor issue.


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I own a Jaguar X-Type Indianapolis edition (2003) with BBS Split rim tyres. 

I have the genuine BBS genuine valve kit (the key to open the screw and two BBS valve adaptors).

When I screw on the valve adaptor I, none of my plug in tyre inflator machines screw onto the BBS valve adaptor. It seems that the BBS valve adaptors are too big to be screwed onto. I have tried both adaptors.

Furthermore, when I went to Tescos petrol station recently I tried their own tyre pressure machines which usually work well, but when I put Tescos inflator machine onto the BBS valve adaptor all that happened was lots of air was being let out and nothing was going in, eventhough it did fit better than the ones I tried at homs. I could visibly see the PSI being lowered on the machine, so I stopped.

Perhaps you could put me in the right direction of what I am doing wrong? Because I have looked at getting new valve adaptors, but I am worried this will not solve the problem? Most people have said I should go to the garage for help, but it seems drastic for such a straightforward issue. 

Perhaps I need a bigger adaptor for my home plug in inflating machines that will actually fit the BBS valve adaptor?

Any help or advice will be great!
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