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New member from Yorks.

I remember the XJ6 advert from the late 70s, and it's been a long time coming but after a good number of years with highly efficient and well engineered German hardware, my soul has been stirred and my first Jaguar has been ordered! Can't wait!

I've test driven one or two over the years, particularly an X Type, S Type-R (that was a seriously nice car to drive, but I was terrified, justifiably I think, by the potential steepness of the depreciation curve) and the original XF.

If the XE could be ordered with the virtual dashboard then I would probably have gone for one of those instead but analogue instruments have had their day and soon will be regarded as prehistoric. Having had a digital speedo and traffic sign recognition they're a must have for me.

I prefer the look of the R Sport particularly with the black pack but the spec doesn't compare with the Portfolio.


XF Portfolio 2.0d 180 auto

Ammonite, Espresso leather, In Touch Pro, adaptive dynamics, cooled seats, heated steering wheel, cooled glovebox, 


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Welcome to the club, Richard.

That is one nice car you have got and I think you will enjoy it  ---  Please let the members know what you think after a few hundred miles of driving.  Reviews are very valuable and personal experience cannot be beaten.

The s type is a really great car to drive, and while there was a steep depreciation curve, it did enable quite a few Jaguar lovers to acquire a car within their budget that they would care for,



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