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2005 4.2 V8 R S-Type lack of power....


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Hello everyone,

I'm new here so go easy!

I recently became the proud owner of a 2005 S-type 4.2 v8 r, but can't help but feel that the car feels somewhat underpowered. 

Having driven cars of similar power, with similar 0-60 times, I was expecting much much more. 

I think that there is an issue with the car. I stopped and timed a 0-60 run and it was around the 8.5 second mark, so no where near what it should be doing.

On the face of it, the car seems to be ok, no engine lights, smoke, etc. Full jag/specialist history last done in June with 107k on the clock. There is a slight clattery noise when the engine gets up to higher revs, but apart from that, there appears to be no apparent issues other than that and the lack of power?!?

does anyone have and idea what it could possibly be from my rather woolly destination???

many thanks in advance!

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Hi Jim

It could be one of many things

have you plugged in to see if there any fault codes stored on the engine management

I take it the supercharger is rotating and belts are ok, no supercharger and you will lose over 100 hp

I've known cats to get blocked or collapse and they make you lose lots of power, good cats on these are restrictive, bad ones make a massive loss

other option see if there are any rolling roads near you, with mapping facilities, they would be able to tell you, what its producing and exactly what up with it, with the data they get off the car and is most probably one of the cheapest options, you usually pay by the hour and an hour would be enough to find out what the cause is



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