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Transmission Dipstick


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Hello - so changed the Oil and checked all the fluids, but couldnt find a dipstick for the transmission fluid. quick search online reveals these are "sealed for life" by Jaguar. however, this leaves me confused - how is one meant to check the level? my car only has 34k miles, but after 50k or 100k i would assume these fluids should be changed to prolong the life of the gearbox? very odd - anyone know what to do or do Jaguar owners let their geabox die?

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Hi Jason

They recommend the changing the fluid, bottom cover/filter, cover pins and mechatronics sleeve at 60 k

I'm assuming its got the ZF 6HP26 6 speed auto box

my S-type R, has that gearbox and my car has only just covered 30k, I changed mine this year and can be done by the diy'er if you have a descent set of axle stands and trolley jack

you have to get the car up and level

your talking £197 for the genuine zf parts off eBay, that fluid zf lifeguard 6, pan/filter, pans pins updated, mechatronics sleeve(plastic sleeve seals wiring connector into box, common leak area)

about £400 to £500 at a dealer

have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAMseFY8GpY

made a bit of difference to mine, but it also drove good before, changed for peace of mind really



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Jason, you can break the red sealing tab on the top of the transmission fill tube and dip the transmission Oil level. A custom dip stick is available on eBay for 5 to 10 GBP. Alternatively use a long (about 1 meter) stiff wire. Push the dip stick in untill the end hits the bottom of the sump (ie untill it cant go any further) There are two levels one for hot and one for cold, they will be marked on the custom dip stick. If you use the stif wire then google the measurements. Check the Oil sample on the end of the dip stick. Wipe the stick on a clean white kitchen towel. It should be red in colour when new. If it is dark brown and smells burnt then it needs changing ASAP.  Anything in between and its your call.

If you are checking the level make sure that the car is on level ground. Check UTube for how to change the Oil and filter etc.

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