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newbie jag owner

the ED man

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Hi to you all,

now that I have retired I have treated myself to a JAG X type 2007 2ltr D with 90,000 on the clock in showroom condition and I love it .

it has the sat nav etc etc cream leather inside even the dog thinks she is lady muck when in it.

but as I have never had a jag before I have to ask , if I put my foot down in first gear the power goes off and I get a light on the dash ( I think its the glow plug one ) starts to flash, if I stop switch off then restart and pull away slower all is OK it only does this in first,

any thoughts ?,


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Welcome to the Club, Edmund.

First, let me say that you have a very nice car  ---  nice colour too.

At a guess, I think the issue could well be a fuel one.  I have not driven a manual Jaguar for over 3 years, currently having a 2.7 Diesel S type - but as you car picks up better at a slower speed and is OK  when it gets going I would suggest a fuel system cleaning additive  ---  under a tenner  --  Diesel Magic, or Wynn's ---  that will probably assist.



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Hi Edmund, 

The Terraclean is an engine and fuel system cleaning process, I had my car done by a mobile mechanic/technician [James Price  --  07949 137 629] with cost being £126.

It did make a difference to performance and fuel economy. He operated out of Aldridge/Walsall.  He was recommended as the closest by the Terraclean website.

I am located in Sutton Coldfield.



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