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help drivers wing mirror

Ryan p

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Hi need some advice pretty quick, parked my Jaguar x type up outside my mums house tonight went in saw my mum for a while came out and found out some lovely person had smashed my wing mirror off. Been looking on eBay and have found a replacement unit in the same colour code as mine the only difference is the replacement one is electric folding and my car isn't fitted with electric folding mirrors can i still fit it and will it still fit?


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Easy enough Chris. Everyone I've done so far has had the wiring in place. In addition, the original door switchpack has had the folding capability built in.

The awkward bit would be using the Jaguar Diagnostics (SDD) to tell the car they were fitted if you didn't have access to it. The software update itself with the SDD is simple and only takes 5 minutes.

I've done it previously, beofre I got to grips with SDD, where the driver's door module from the donor car has been used but that gets a bit messy because you have to transfer the key fobs over as well.


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Hi guys, new member here with a Jag X type 2.0 Diesel 05. I have a same problem as Ryan p, only difference is my wing mirrors are power folding. So I am thinking of buying one from eBay but they only have non folding ones. Will a non folding one work instead?

P.S. I would prefer a power folding one but can't find it. Well I could from Jaguar but they want nearly £200 for it! 

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Yes, a non powerfold will work... other than the powerfold function of course.

If you have a word with The Jag Den (Denis) on this forum I believe he has a suitable powerfold mirror which would be exactly what you wanted..

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