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will folding electric mirrors plug into none folding electric harness

Ryan p

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Hi need some advice pretty quick, parked my Jaguar x type up outside my mums house tonight went in saw my mum for a while came out and found out some lovely person had smashed my wing mirror off. Been looking on ebay and have found a replacement unit in the same colour code as mine the only difference is the replacement one is electric folding and my car isn't fitted with electric folding mirrors can i still fit it and will it still plug into the harness

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15 hours ago, Raistlin said:

I believe that I've answered this question elsewhere?

I hate it when people reply with such comments, at least supply a link to the post if you know where the answer to his question is.

People DO search the forums for answers before posting, maybe he just missed it.

I came into this post because the question interested me for my own knowledge, not because I needed the answer, your reply just wastes everyone's time.

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Thank you for your helpful comment.

The OP asked effectively the same question in two different places on the forum  at the same time. I had the choice of deleting this thread or leaving it in case the OP should check here first, rather than his other post. I chose the latter as being the most helpful.

10 hours ago, PMKIMPTON said:

People DO search the forums for answers before posting, maybe he just missed it.

 your reply just wastes everyone's time.

Clearly, your own lack of an adequate search, before launching your unwarranted attack, has caused me to have to waste my time answering your tetchy comment.

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I wasn't searching for anything, I was just browsing and saw a post/question in the list which interested me and thought Id take a look only to find a meaningless reply. I wasn't to know he had posted it elsewhere. I'm sure 100's of other do exactly the same.

Its just so boring to visit forums to find comments like that. A simple link to the first post would have helped anyone else searching for the answer in the future, 1, 2, 3 years down the road as well as helped your sites keyword/link factor in Google.

This wasn't an Attack, genuinely sorry if I hurt your feelings. x x 

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Philip, I have asked you to continue this discussion by PM if you felt it needed further comment.

However, as you have raised further comment in public, I'll address your concerns.

10 minutes ago, PMKIMPTON said:

 I wasn't to know he had posted it elsewhere.

So, a comment suggesting a link might have been appropriate, or a more comprehensive search would have explained the situation in more detail. Certainly going in all guns blazing with an abusive (my opinion is subjective of course) post was, perhaps, not the ideal approach.

No injured feelings :)  I moderate on certain fora somewhat less tranquil than here, but thanks anyway.

The idea of a link is one which, quite frankly, didn't occur to me, probably because real life was intruding and my time was limited. However, it is, undoubtedly, a good idea and one I'll address presently.

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