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Hello Everyone


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Hi everyone

Bit late in the day having just joined up but have been a happy owner of X-types since 2003.  My first was a black 3.0 AWD Sport. I bought it brand new and specified it very well. Front and rear reverse aids, Tan Leather, Window Tints, Satnav and Climate control, Xenon's, Phone. (Thats and actual phone in the centre console arm rest) and Voice, Auto wash wipe and auto headlights, 10 way seats. All of which had to be specified individually and cost a small fortune.  Loved that car, so sleek and fast (0-60 in 6.5 secs). Cost £30,000 back in 2003. Anyway Sold that in 2006 and got a almost new (2 months old) 06 plate 2.2D Sovereign Estate in Silver. A really great car that I have still got today. Has pretty much all the same things as I specified back in 2003. Only thing it doesnt have is Xenons as only the sport premium had those as standard. The exception being that when I bought it, I had my Jaguar dealer fit a full sport body kit and 18" Proteus wheel upgrades. The sovereign has been a great car, pulls really well, (not like a 3.0 sport of course). Great mileage, I have done 125,000 miles pretty much trouble free. Still on the same clutch. Have changed front Disks and Pads twice, (well pads a bit more) and the rear disks once. I fitted a new Boshe battery last year after the old one gave out and this year the Air con compressor just went, so I had a new one fitted. Oh and I almost forgot I had a wheel bearing go at 109,000. Always had her serviced by Jaguar. I didnt plan on 10 years ownership of course, I just had a change in lifestyle in 2008 with getting married to a wonderful woman with 2 young children, I had bought the estate to help me with long loads for DIY. Lol

So I can honestly say its been a pleasure to own and drive everyday.  I will post some photos soon, she is still pretty much immaculate. sad in a way, as I will be selling her soon, as I plan to get an XE. But thats another story for another time. (When it happens)!

Happy driving everyone.



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Welcome to the club, Rowland.

The club is a nice place to be, and your experience with the X Type will be much valued.

Jaguars are nice cars and your wife must enjoy the experience  --  mine does and thinks my S Type is the best car we have ever had in the nearly 50 years we have been married!



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