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S Type restoration vacuum problem


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Hi Guys

Just thought I would post an update of my efforts to get this S Type functional. So far so good - brakes are now all done and the rear axel is back in the car - I needed a new master cylinder as I was only getting half a pedal. While I was waiting for the cylinder to arrive - new carb float chamber bits arrived - so new floats, needle valves and seats fitted - when I started her up she was running really lumpy 5 cylinders - not good. New dizzy cap leads plugs and caps fitted so she should have been ok - anyway I was on with the braking system and I needed to remove the servo at this proved to be on its way out.

When I stopped off the vaccuum hose after removing the servo - the engine sorted itself out - now running smooth as silk - so there must be a leak somewhere in the circuit that affected the carbs - thats another job to sort when the new servo arrives tomorrow. - Has anyone had the same problem. Next job - fitting the LHS petrol tank after having the gunge cleaned out. The RHS tank has been cleaned and back on with a new copper filter fitted + new fuel pump and sender. Then new fuel and Oil filters + clean Oil. Body prep for paint then its refitting interior - new carpets + reconnolised seats and refurbed woodwork. New furflex and all new body seals and rubbers. She should be ready for MOT in about a month or two. I would like to have her ready for christmas if poss. I'm looking forward to next year - getting her out onto the Northumberland country roads and over to the Lake District.

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