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Xj voice retrofit advice please


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Hello everyone hopefully someone can help me out with my question. 

Has anyone retro fitted voice activation to an xj?? My car is a 2003 xj sport fitted with sat navigation Cd changer Phone. 

Does my xj come from the factory with the voice wiring harness fitted?? If I need a harness where does it connect to?? I've searched the Web some people say it's under the back seat some say in the c piller. 

Any advice on fitting the voice system will be much appreciated Thanks Steve Evans 


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It's the same basic setup as the X-Type and S-Type Steven.

The loom should be in the boot and you will need the VACM and the appropriate microphone.

You will need to splice in a further D2B (fibre optic) connector for the VACM and in addition will almost certainly need a session on the Jaguar Diagnostics.

The Jag Den (Denis) on this forum will have all you need and if you're unsure and can get over Wolverhampton way, we can fit for you and set it up with the diagnostics.

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Well I fitted an x type bluetooth module today and at the same time I checked around for the voice harness and no joy it's not there. So it looks like I need to find out how to retro fit voice. 

I read somewhere that you can use an x type voice harness with a couple of mods so I'm looking for advice 

Thanks guys I need your help!!!!!

Yours sincerely Steve Evans 

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