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First time Jag owner - Hello to all

Mr H

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Hello everyone and thank you to the moderator for providing this forum to jag owners.

I have just become the proud owner of an XF 3.0L Diesel Premium Luxury in Caviar Red (11 plate) and can't stop grinning like a Cheshire Cat....however I do need some help please from people in the know.


i have been going through the owners manual and it is the 2009 version which appears to have details on a far more sophisticated display and entertainment system that what is installed in my 2011 model which confuses me. It refers to a DAB facility and audio/to yest none of these show up on my display....so my questions are: 

1) Did the 11 plate model downgrade the system

2) is there a way of upgrading the software to a better version on my installed system

3) regarding the sat nav, do you need the original DVDs to install a core programme before using an updated version or can you just use a 2016 updated DVD without the original discs as there appears to be no SatNav installed even though the display states navigation as an icon portion to press?

I am wondering if the system has been replaced as everything I have managed to read seems to indicate the standard installation should be more sophisticated than what I have currently?

Thank you for any help offered on these questions.



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Welcome to the Club, Paul.

As I do not have an XF I cannot answer your questions in detail, but I will give you some pointers.

One of the things you can do is to find out the original optional extras that were factory fitted.  This you can do by asking a Jaguar dealer to do a check on your car using your VIN number,  This will tell you when the car was built to the date and the date it left the factory.  It will also give you the optional extras fitted, as it will surprise you how many extras there are on top of the basis standard of the car itself.

There is also a website ----VinDecoderz.com  which could be a quicker way to get the details although I am told that it does not always work.

Let know how you get on.




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Thanks for the welcome Peter and your assistance...I will try both options and let you know. I am mystified at the cd player as it has a load button (which suggests multi disc storage) but it only seems to accept one disc.

I wonder if the original DVDs are necessary before allowing an update dvd to work? The ones provided when the car was made have been conveniently lost (or more likely sold as they seem to fetch quite a bit) as there is nothing loaded in the system when pressing on the Navigation button (it asks for dvds to be installed) and I suspect an update DVD alone won't work...hopefully someone out there knows?




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Hi Paul,

There are plenty of replacement discs to be found via Google.

I replied my 2007 disc with a 2012 disc. I just stuck it in the slot in the boot and it worked.

You shouldn't have to pay more that £30.



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