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Cam belt change


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Just had a quick look on Autodata

there's two timing belts on the tdv6 2.7 and it says 3.8 hours to do the job, one belt for timing ( if timing belt fails pistons and valves will clash, causing engine damage), other belt is high pressure fuel pump ( if this belt fails no engine damage )

water pump is not driven by the cambelt, its driven by the aux belt, so could be done at a later date, but will be cheaper to replace the water pump now, as most of the stuff has all ready been removed

so you could look at the prices of the parts, plus 4 hours labour, for a idea on prices.

some one else on here should give you a better price idea

Jaguar are quoting at £375 for cambelt  on a s-type and will be cheaper at a local indy




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