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Engine Oil

Don Gilham

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Apologies if this should be included within another thread, but I couldn't find a suitable one.  I did a search, and found myself posting on the X-Type Forum :withstupid:   (I am new here !) So here goes :

I am more confused than I was :wallbash: (Mind you, that's not difficult)

I have just bought an 06 plate S-Type 2.7D auto SE - I always like to change the Oil in any car I have regularly.  I went on the the Opie Oils site, and searched for the correct Oil for the car.  It came up with this :

Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 A5 Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil

But as the car has a DPF (at least I think it has, I pick it up next week) then surely the C1 spec oil is a better prospect ?  Please can anyone enlighten this old codger ? 

Many thanks


(And thanks to those that replied on tin the X-Type Forum)



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I use a 5W-30 semi synthetic for my 3.0 sport, but she's petrol. If nobody here has a strong opinion, I'm sure a bit more web research and a few calls will tie it down. The fully synthetic Castrol would seem OTT if you're changing Oil regularly. What does it say in your handbook?

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