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I dont believe it


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Well I have had My S Type diesel now for over 6 months and its been great until now On monday I left her on the drive she was running good had to go into hospital I was there for three days when I came home thursday I thought I would nip back to the hospital in the car with a thank you card and some chocs for the staff So I started her first turn of the key started no probs but then looked down at the clocks and I couldnt believe it Restricted Performance withe orange light I am like WHAT HOW WHY ITS NOT MOVED Surly this cant be anything that bad Please can anyone help and through some light on this THANK YOU

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I've had this happen to my XKR whilst under warranty. Mine came on whilst I was driving back from Manchester and the car wouldn't drive above 40 mph. i managed to limp the car 12 miles home. Was told by a local Jaguar specialist it could be something or nothing. Was told to turn the engine on and off 3 times as this sometimes clears the problem but that didn't work. Dealer had the car back and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it after keeping the car for a week and allegedly driving it locally. Seems to be OK now. Mystery!

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