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Locked out of car with engine running


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I'm sure this has happened to others and is probably somewhere else in the forum...

Yesterday I went to collect my S type after having my alloys powder coated. The guy had kindly started the car to warm it up and parked it in the doorway of the garage.

After paying the bill i attempted to get in the car, Suprise ! all the doors had locked them selves. After a lot of head scratching I called the RAC (this was 5.30pm) and bear in mind my car was blocking the garage exit and 3 of the guys had finished their shift and needed to drive pass my car which proved impossible. The RAC chaps turned up 90mins later and using a device called a Tibbe Lock Pic managed to open the door in minutes. Needless to say by which time we were all ready for home.

I didn't have a spare key, so today I have had a spare blade cut and hidden it on the car just in case this fault happens again....at least I can gain entry without having to call on the RAC again.

I have done this many times when de-iceing the car on the drive with the engine running... so I suppose the lesson learnt is leave the drivers window down sufficiently to access key.

Finally, does anyone know why  the auto-door lock kicks in, or is it just one of those things with modern technology.


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Not thick at all. Just shows a willingness to learn more :)

The Jaguar diagnostics software runs on a PC with a special adaptor Bernard. Several club members, including myself, have a setup, as do Jaguar dealerships and independents.

On a car of your model year it would use "Symptom Driven Diagnostics" often abbreviated to SDD. It can be used for programming, setting options, diagnosing and clearing faults etc.

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The same thing happened with my 2001 s type, fortunately I was at work and borrowed a van to fetch my spare keys. I replaced the tired old battery on the car and the problem has never happened again with the engine running and all doors closed.

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Thanks for the reply and the suggestion that it may be caused by a duff battery.

The battery is only 12 months old and is a quality Bosch type. I suspect its down to a glitch in modern over complicated technology.

I have spoken to Jaguar dealers and they say it could be one of several things...so book it in and pay £100 + per hour for investigation.

I will live with it for the time being now iv'e got my spare key.

All the best to you.

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Thanks once again for your reply and advice......

On a similar vein, I wrote this article in the forum so that anyone caught out in a similar situation would either remember to leave the drivers window down a few inches, carry a spare key or join the RAC etc.    ......Nobody seems to know "exactly" why it auto-locks, but be prepared for if and when it does.


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This happens to me all the time, its to do with a faulty door actuator normally the front or rear passenger door goes faulty, symptoms normally happen when trying to lock the doors then they unlock themselves, will lock when engine is running with key in the ignition (shouldn't do this). Replacing the faulty actuator fixes it. Normally to find the faulty actuator, sit in car, close the locks using the remote, look at the door handles, one will be opposite to the others, i.e drivers door lock open and passenger lock closed, this confuses the central locking mechanism and so it opens the locks not knowing that one of the actuators is actually the opposite to what the controller thinks, this causes the door locks to cycle then stop. I normally get round this by manually closing the offending doors lock closed, exit the car, then lock it, you can tell if the doors are locked becuase the interior light will go off after a few seconds, good luck.

@Rasitlin, think SDD only stops the door locking when travelling over 15mph, not when stationary.

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Thanks for your reply and suggestions.  I think you could be right regarding a faulty door actuator. Recently when I lock the doors using the fob they immediately unlock, this will happen several times before staying locked. I will follow your instructions to identify which actuator is the the culprit.....the down side seems to be fitting a new one. I've read in a forum online its 3/4 hours labour.....see link below.



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