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Heated Oyxgen Senson Control Module


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hello - so - my car came up with the engine light error, so went to a Jaguar indie in north london and he hookedi tup to a autel reader. when i went to the garage - i had the ABS light on, and the engine light. for the engine light, it came up with the code P1646 - heated oxygen sensor control module, bank 1 open/shorted. any advice on where i can get the part? my neighbor is an ex mechanic so i think he could install it if i could give him some guidance on where to locate the sensor.

so questions:

1. where can i buy the part or part number for this code? i have searcehd but there are downstream/upstream sensors - how do i know which one this?

2. any advice on a decent reader for the xk8. obII? my neighbor could then help with a lot of the faults!

for the ABS light - strangely after clearing the ABS code, it came back on again. but a few days later the ABS went off and the light has not come back on again. so beginning to wonder if these are just electrical issues.

any help appreciated!

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the fault code will tell you which one to replace

P1646 is not listed on my list

you need to get it plugged in on IDS/SDD software, Jaguar diagnostic software

same with the abs fault, get it plugged in on IDS/SDD and it will tell you exactly where the fault is, usually a wheel sensor

also if its a sensor on the abs, this can give you a engine management fault like limp mode, because it uses these for transmission and engine



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hello joe - for the oxygen sensor error code - i did take a picture of the fault code from the reader.

it says:  P1646 - heated oxygen sensor control module, bank 1 open/shorted. 

do you know which one is bank 1? also, for the replacement part - i found these on europarts (is it the right part?). otherwise loads of other cheaper ones on eBay but just not sure which part to get


finally- another member recommend the icarsoft scanner. would that be a decent one to buy? i would like to save myself paying £40 for code reads from my indie and the long drive! thanks

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